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Luna ID develops mobile apps that are equipped with state-of-the-art vision intelligence. Enhanced by the convenience of mobile platforms, we build the most innovative solutions for our clients using the latest machine learning and vision technologies.




Charles-Etienne Ferland


Our Story

Luna ID was founded in 2017 by Jarrett Blair and Charles-Etienne Ferland.


Once a small start-up, Luna ID has grown into a fully functional app development company with a highly trained and specialized development team.


Using our expertise in machine learning and computer vision, we can turn what was once only possible in science fiction into a reality. 

Knowing that there are over a million species of insect, the team decided to plan multiple apps for specific purposes. For example, one app they have in mind will help teachers identify common backyard species to teach their students about biodiversity and the world around them. Another will help farmers pinpoint insects that threaten their crops so they can take appropriate measures to protect their livelihoods. Yet another app will safeguard outdoorsy Ontarians from potentially dangerous insects like ticks. Blair and Ferland knew that if they built a large database of images and a neural network, coupled with an easy-to-use mobile interface, the project’s applications would be limitless.

- University of Guelph CBaSE Blog, February 2018

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