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Who are we?

Luna ID is an award-winning mobile and web-based app development agency. We specialize in developing apps that incorporating machine learning and computer vision, but we are experienced in developing apps of many types.

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luna id app development agency guelph

Luna ID (Beta)

Luna ID (Beta) was the first app we developed as Luna ID Inc. It serves a proof of concept to show how a basic app that can identify insects from photos might work.


The user takes a picture of a butterfly, and within seconds the app will identify it.


The app indicates the percent-confidence it has in the identification, and the user can tap on the result to learn more about the butterfly. 

luna id app development agency guelph

Image Translate

Image Translate was developed to help Chinese-speakers learn English.


The app allows users to take an image of a household item and receive an identification in Chinese and English.


The identification includes an audio read out of the English word and a percent-certainty in the accuracy of the match.


Image translate has a database of thousands of items that it can identify, and could be expanded to include more languages.